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Resource Details

Title A vocabulary of the language of the Haida Indians of Prince of Wales Archipelago, obtained from a Haida of Cape Kaigahni, Alaska, by James G. Swan, Port Townsend (Wash. Terr.). August 3, 1876
Ms. Two wordlists. The first, 11 pp., ca. 205 entries, is described by the title. Swan says Tolmie and Dawson got vocabulary from the same man at Victoria, therefore probably Alexander Cameron, see Tolmie and Dawson 1884. The second, 54 (originally about 75) words and phrases in "Laskeek" dialect, south of Skidegate and important therefore. Swan 1876b includes both these lists, as well as some supplementary information. Second list is missing one page (p. 13) of data included in Swan l876b. 20 pp.
Includes letter to Major Powell, not catalogued.
NAA, BAE ms. 1037.
Contributors Swan, James G. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Haida
LingType lexicon

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