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Title Lucier Collection Reel #1
Description:myths, stories and songs. Recorded 11/22/1950; 11/25/1950; 11/28/1950.
Track 01 - Origin Myth of Kotzebue Wolf Dance told by Abraham Lincoln (Kotzebue); 17 min.
Track 02 - Description and songs, Wolf Dance by Abraham and Blanche Lincoln; 11 min.
Track 03 - History of Kotzebue- story of modern song by Abraham and Blanche Lincoln; 2 min.
Track 04 - Abraham Lincoln makes additional comment about Wolf Dance; 3 min.
Track 05 - Additional comments about Wolf Dance with more songs by Lester Gallihorn and Abraham Lincoln; 9 min.
Track 06 - Unalakleet-St. Michael story, and Shaman's song, by Andrew Sunno, born at Unalakleet before 1870, raised on Buckland River; 16 min.
Contributors Gallihorn, Lester (author)
Lincoln, Abraham (author)
Lincoln, Blanche (author)
Sunno, Andrew (author)
Lucier, Charles (interviewer)
Type Sound
Coverage Kotzebue
Subject Language(s) Inupiaq
LingType song
Collection Lucier Collection
Files: ANL2781A.WAV

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