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Title The comparative phonology of two Athabaskan dialects: Kutchin and Mattole.
Description:Typescript. Student paper for Mary Haas, University of Alaska at Berkeley. Based on Sapir's Gwich'in notes and Li 1930 b Mattole; relates stem initial and final consonants and vowels according to reconstruction of Proto-Athabaskan approximating Sapir's; traces large part of complex Gwich'in development; notes s and s reflexes of PA *sh series as "disturbing problem"; v. Krauss and Golla correspondence 1973, for disscussion of the problem; also Sapir-Li 1928 notes, p. 10 for Sapir's incorrect hypothesis of conditioning by following vowel.
Comments Shelved as CA 962 G 1962.
47 pp.
Contributors Golla, Victor K. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Gwich'in
LingType description

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