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Title [Duplicate of Yakutat and Cordova I, Tlingit and Eyak recordings by Robert Austerlitz]
Description:DUPE 3 3/4 speed of EY2 ANLC6357
This tape is marked "DUP. 8/61 - Yakutat and Cordova I, Tlingit song and transl. (Yak); Cordova; Cordova 2,3,4 con't on tape 2.
This is a duplicate of recordings made by Robert Austerlitz. Cordova 2, 3, 4 appear to be dubs of tapes EY2 (ANLC6357), EY3 (ANLC6358), EY4 (ANLC6359). However, the track labeled "Cordova" may well be a dub of EY1, the original recording of which is missing. This is included here as ANLC2003-02-EY1-19610828. It is dated Aug 28, 1961 and was recorded in the Cordova Bar.
The file ANLC2003-01.wav is the Tlingit recording.
Comments 0-2:57: Tlingit Songs and Transitions
2:58: "Cordova" story in English
7:18: beings speaking in Eyak?
9:10: noise, background talking
37:47: Says "end of tape". August 28, Cordova Bar. Singing in EY/TL? Woman. Words in the song.
38:40: End of song.
Contributors Austerlitz, Robert (recorder)
Smith, Marie (speaker)
Type Sound
Coverage Cordova, Yakutat
Subject Language(s) Eyak
LingType lexicon
Collection Austerlitz Eyak Recordings

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