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Title Dinak'i (Upper Kuskowkwim Collection)
Box 1: Thematic Units
Folder 1: Vocabulary/tests (author?)
Folder 2: Curriculum examples
Folder 3: Leaves
Folder 4: Insects
Folder 5: Birds
Folder 6: Bats
Folder 7: Animals; we trap
Folder 8: Anthropology
Folder 9: Caribou (1975-76)
Folder 10: Sled Building
Folder 11: Animals
Folder 12: Tanning at Home
Folder 13: Dogs
Folder 14: Clothing
Folder 15: Colors
Folder 16: Tildzidza Hwzoya'
Folder 17: Miscellaneous
Folder 18: Grammar/Translations
Folder 19: Review Words
Folder 20: Booksets Made By Children
Folder 21: Methods That Work (Part 1+2)
Folder 22: Comparative Athabaskan
Folder 23: Nikolai Kinja
Folder 24: Alphabet
Folder 25: Translations
Folder 26: Suggestions on Activities
Folder 27: Place Names
Folder 28: How to
Folder 29: Geographical Vocab
Folder 30: Expressions and Stories
Folder 31: Scrapbook + Bear Story
Folder 32: Newsletter and Curriculum
Folder 33: Maps and place name lists
Folder 34: Test of Oral Language Dominance. Tennant, 1976.
Folder 35: Dodzine/Miska Deaphon. Stories told by children, 1977.
Folder 36: Moose. Anatomy, UK terms for body parts.
Folder 37: Lesson plans
Folder 38: Total Physical Response (TPR)
Folder 39: Athabaskan Recipes. By the Nikolai Elementary Students; Tamara Alexia, Sarah Dennis, Nancy Esai, Sammy Esai, David Petruska. June 1980
Folder 40: Poems and Songs. Betty Petruska.
In grey 2" Hollinger box: Large Flashcards
Box 2: Curriculum
Folder 1: Ray Collins keyword flashcards.
Folder 2: Sounds
Folder 3: Crossword puzzle (English/UK)
Folder 4: Grammar
Folder 5: Grammar, Crossword puzzle, Traditional activities
FOlder 6: Animals; detailed information about animals, class activities, large animal flash cards.
Folder 7: UK Writing skills
Folder 8: Bears
Folder 9: Berries, "Are you Hungry" song
Folder 10: Trapping; Animals
Folder 11: We Learn About Beaver (Also on tape)
Folder 12: Finish theme tests
Folder 13: Stories by children, with illustrations.
Folder 14: Individual achievement record forms. UK Bilingual Ed Program. (Blank)
Folder 15: Treasure hunt
Folder 16: Riddles
Folder 17: Games
Folder 18: Kinship (family tree)
Folder 19: Plants and Herbs and uses
Folder 20: Stories-- traditional activities
Folder 21: Alaska animals-- info
Folder 22: Story: Family hunting
Folder 23: Stories
Folder 24: Language experience stories
Folder 25: Game boards-- clothes
Folder 26: Worksheets, grammar
Folder 27: Enrollment in Nikolai school, 1982-1983
Folder 28: Upper Kuskokwim Birthday Calendar for 1993.
Folder 29: Poster
Folder 30: Bird calendar
Folder 31: Children's Work (1975)
Folder 32: Early readers, Dinak'i Ch'its'utozre 1 & 2
Folder 33: Mouse story and others
Folder 34: Flashcards
Folder 35: Dineje (Baby moose story)
Folder 36: Duhtot'el "Things you can do" (1972)
Folder 37: Ch'ilech - Songs for Nikolai and Telida (1998)
Folder 38: Hwniyye it tuk'a it dzedza it - Nikolai (1974)
Folder 39: Nikolai, February 1975. Paper back book.
Folder 40: Esther, Darlene & Susan- animals
Folder 41: Mini-course in McGrath
Folder 42: Tinde- flashcards
Folder 43: Suje- mini flashcards
Folder 44: Animals to count
Folder 45: Nouns
Folder 46: Tildzidza Hwzoya'
Folder 47: A Tena Legend
Folder 48: Correspondence
Folder 49: Native Language Progress Reports (Restricted)
Folder 50: Native Materials library (1980, 1995)
Folder 51: TPR Talking Strips
Folder 52: Hand drawn and colored photos
Folder 53: Dinak'i Ch'its'utozro 3
Folder 54: Smelling/eating
Folder 55: Writings by the children
Folder 56: Athabascans; Fact sheets, Maps
Folder 57: Classificatory verbs
Folder 58: Fishing (Ice)
Folder 59: Flashcards, games
In grey 2" Hollinger box: large manila cards.
In grey 2" Hollinger box: Nature and wildlife series large cardboard and laminated pages.
These materials were created in the 1980's-1990's etc. Collected by Hanson in 2008-current.
Upper Kuskokwim School District, Iditarod Area School District. Top of the Kuskokwim School (Nikolai)
Contributors Hanson, Teresa (compiler)
Type Text
Format application/pdf
Materials not complete. Additional boxes are not housed at ANLA yet.
Subject Language(s) Upper Kuskokwim
LingType educational
Collection Upper Kuskokwim Collection

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