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Title Dinak'i (Upper Kuskowkwim Collection)
Description:Box 1: Thematic Units
Folder 1: Vocabulary/tests (author?)
Folder 2: Curriculum examples
Folder 3: Leaves
Folder 4: Insects
Folder 5: Birds
Folder 6: Bats
Folder 7: Animals; we trap
Folder 8: Anthropology
Folder 9: Caribou (1975-76)
Folder 10: Sled Building
Folder 11: Animals
Folder 12: Tanning at Home
Folder 13: Dogs
Folder 14: Clothing
Folder 15: Colors
Folder 16: Tildzidza Hwzoya'
Folder 17: Miscellaneous
Folder 18: Grammar/Translations
Folder 19: Review Words
Folder 20: Booksets Made By Children
Folder 21: Methods That Work (Part 1+2)
Folder 22: Comparative Athabaskan
Folder 23: Nikolai Kinja
Folder 24: Alphabet
Folder 25: Translations
Folder 26: Suggestions on Activities
Folder 27: Place Names
Folder 28: How to
Folder 29: Geographical Vocab
Folder 30: Expressions and Stories
Folder 31: Scrapbook + Bear Story
Folder 32: Newsletter and Curriculum
Folder 33: Maps and place name lists
Folder 34: Test of Oral Language Dominance. Tennant, 1976.
Folder 35: Dodzine/Miska Deaphon. Stories told by children, 1977.
Folder 36: Moose. Anatomy, UK terms for body parts.
Folder 37: Lesson plans
Folder 38: Total Physical Response (TPR)
Folder 39: Athabaskan Recipes. By the Nikolai Elementary Students; Tamara Alexia, Sarah Dennis, Nancy Esai, Sammy Esai, David Petruska. June 1980
Folder 40: Poems and Songs. Betty Petruska.
In grey 2" Hollinger box: Large Flashcards
Box 2: Curriculum
Folder 1: Ray Collins keyword flashcards.
Folder 2: Sounds
Folder 3: Crossword puzzle (English/UK)
Folder 4: Grammar
Folder 5: Grammar, Crossword puzzle, Traditional activities
FOlder 6: Animals; detailed information about animals, class activities, large animal flash cards.
Folder 7: UK Writing skills
Folder 8: Bears
Folder 9: Berries, "Are you Hungry" song
Folder 10: Trapping; Animals
Folder 11: We Learn About Beaver (Also on tape)
Folder 12: Finish theme tests
Folder 13: Stories by children, with illustrations.
Folder 14: Individual achievement record forms. UK Bilingual Ed Program. (Blank)
Folder 15: Treasure hunt
Folder 16: Riddles
Folder 17: Games
Folder 18: Kinship (family tree)
Folder 19: Plants and Herbs and uses
Folder 20: Stories-- traditional activities
Folder 21: Alaska animals-- info
Folder 22: Story: Family hunting
Folder 23: Stories
Folder 24: Language experience stories
Folder 25: Game boards-- clothes
Folder 26: Worksheets, grammar
Folder 27: Enrollment in Nikolai school, 1982-1983
Folder 28: Upper Kuskokwim Birthday Calendar for 1993.
Folder 29: Poster
Folder 30: Bird calendar
Folder 31: Children's Work (1975)
Folder 32: Early readers, Dinak'i Ch'its'utozre 1 & 2
Folder 33: Mouse story and others
Folder 34: Flashcards
Folder 35: Dineje (Baby moose story)
Folder 36: Duhtot'el "Things you can do" (1972)
Folder 37: Ch'ilech - Songs for Nikolai and Telida (1998)
Folder 38: Hwniyye it tuk'a it dzedza it - Nikolai (1974)
Folder 39: Nikolai, February 1975. Paper back book.
Folder 40: Esther, Darlene & Susan- animals
Folder 41: Mini-course in McGrath
Folder 42: Tinde- flashcards
Folder 43: Suje- mini flashcards
Folder 44: Animals to count
Folder 45: Nouns
Folder 46: Tildzidza Hwzoya'
Folder 47: A Tena Legend
Folder 48: Correspondence
Folder 49: Native Language Progress Reports (Restricted)
Folder 50: Native Materials library (1980, 1995)
Folder 51: TPR Talking Strips
Folder 52: Hand drawn and colored photos
Folder 53: Dinak'i Ch'its'utozro 3
Folder 54: Smelling/eating
Folder 55: Writings by the children
Folder 56: Athabascans; Fact sheets, Maps
Folder 57: Classificatory verbs
Folder 58: Fishing (Ice)
Folder 59: Flashcards, games
In grey 2" Hollinger box: large manila cards.
In grey 2" Hollinger box: Nature and wildlife series large cardboard and laminated pages.
Comments These materials were created in the 1980's-1990's etc. Collected by Hanson in 2008-current.
Citation Upper Kuskokwim School District, Iditarod Area School District. Top of the Kuskokwim School (Nikolai)
Contributors Hanson, Teresa (compiler)
Type Text
Coverage Nikolai
Restrictions Materials not complete. Additional boxes are not housed at ANLA yet.
Subject Language(s) Upper Kuskokwim
LingType educational
Collection Upper Kuskokwim Collection

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