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Title Jochelson Aleut recordings: Transcriptions.
Description:Ts. Transcriptions from wax cylinder recordings made by Jochelson in 1909-1910. In Aleut and English, typed, annotated by M. Krauss and others.
ca. 300 pages.
 see AL950B(B230) for Bersland Collection copy.
See also AL972K1997b for notes on the Jochelson wax cylinder recordings. AL909J1909e for more transcriptions.
Comments These materials are not dated and are presumed to be part of an effort by M. Krauss, Knut Bergsland and Moses Dirks to transcribe and translate the Jochelson wax cylinder recordings in the 1980's.This copy is from Bergsland but was not in the Bergsland Collection .
Contributors Jochelson, Waldemar [Iokhel'son, Vladimir] (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Aleut
LingType text-traditional
Collection Bergsland Collection
Files: AL909J1990_f1.pdf

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