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Title Doyon, Limited 1981 Annual Report
Description:Ts. Publishe shareholders report containing biographical  articles for : Myrna Peter, Kathleen Carlo,Chief Andrew Isaac, Walter Northway, Belle Herbert, Tom Huntington, Margaret Ann Fisher.
21 pp, beautiful color photographs.
An article on the legendary "Geese House" or Ch'ideetsiyh Dinh  meaning a place of ocher color in Koyukon. Another name for the location is or Dits'inyee Kkuno meaning geese house in Koyukon.Hank Ketzler and Alfred Starr
Comments This report had been cut up before it was donated to ANLA, it is incomplete. It appears that pages from other unknown sources were interleaved.
Citation Doyon, Limited. Fairbanks, Alaska, 1981
Contributors Doyon, Limited (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) General
LingType bibliography

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