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Title Miska Deaphon Tape Collection
Description:Miska Deaphon Tape Collection; 13 tapes.
Tape 1 Side A: Miska Deaphon talking about his past, his grandfathers Alexia and Nikolai; Going to Susitna and back; Stars. Side B: 1. Raven painting birds, how Raven got black, 2. Who is strongest of the birds? 3. Raven lost his eyes, 4. Raven and Mink hunting Bear, 5. Went to Tonilts'udo Chak.
Tape 2 Side A: Miska Deaphon; Camping up Edzeno'; Making a skin boat. Side B: Bear hunting in the mountains; Grizzly and black bear fighting a dog.
Tape 3 Side A: All kinds of Telida area. Side B: Same.
Tape 4 Side A: A Time of hunger. Side B: Miska Deaphon, Aug. 1977.
Tape 5 Side A: Fishing; How things changed. Side B: Same.
Tape 6 Side A: Miska Deaphon talks about how they used to do things in the old ways (hunting); Going to the Mountains. Side B: Hunting in the mountains; Bear up in a tree; Lots of caribou.
Tape 7 Side A: Stories by Miska Deaphon about Raven losing hi eyes, August 21, 1979. Side B: Same Story.
Tape 8 Side A: Miska Deaphon, Ch'ititazkane; Making canoe. Side B: Ch'ititazkane; Sewing canoe (dish and trokwda tildzidza); Scraping skin; Mildreshdina.
Tape 9 Side A: More on Ch'ititazkane; Raven helps get fish. Side B: Raven; Raven and Mink hunting Bear.
Tape 10 Side A: Miska Deaphon, Girl becomes fish, August 1979. Side B: Same.
Tape 11 Side A: How hunters took care of meat and other things. Side B: How things are done now.
Tape 12 Side A: Hwzosh; Dotron fixes Marten's arm. Side B: Grizzly saves man; How things were done.
Tape 13 Side A: Miska Deaphon #4. Side B: Miska Deaphon #4.
Tape 14 Side A: #1 Miska Deaphon 8/13/81. Side B: #1 Miska Deaphon 8/13/81.
Comments Tape 6 Side A recording is faulty, tape was sticking and to be manually fast-forwarded.
Contributors Deaphon, Miska (speaker)
Type Sound
Subject Language(s) Upper Kuskokwim
LingType ethnohistory

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