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Title Alaska in maps : a thematic atlas
Book. Alaska in maps : a thematic atlas.
1. Perspectives on Alaska
2. Physical Geography
3. Human Geography
4. Environment and Society
5. Uses of Geography
References to Sources
A folder also includes a correspondence letter from Pearson to Krauss (March 1, 1999), and a 1979 "Alaska's Native People/Their Villages and Languages" Alaska Geographic map.
First Edition. Produced through the cooperation of the Alaska Department of Education, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Department of Geography, and the Alaska Geographic Alliance.
University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1998.
Alaska in maps : a thematic atlas / edited by Roger W. Pearson and Marjorie Hermans ; GIS map production, John Stroud and Bo Wilmer ; cartography, Jason Geck, David Pray, Keith Ziolkowski ; atlas design, Elizabeth Knecht.
Contributors Pearson, Roger W. (editor)
Hermans, Marjorie (editor)
Type Text
LingType ethnogeography
Collection Map

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