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Title Études Inuit Studies
Description:Book. Études Inuit Studies. Preserving language and knowledge.
Sommaire/ Contents
Preserver la langue et les savoirs
Preserving language and knowledge
5 Introduction: La preservation des langues et des savoirs du Nord. Louis-Jacques Dorais et Igor Krupnik.
17 Introduction: Preserving languages and knowledge of the North. Louis-Jacques Dorais and Igor Krupnik.
31 Manifesto (December 13, 2003). Michael E. Krauss.
33 Manifeste ( 13 decembre 2003). Michael E Krauss.
35 Biographical notes and bibliography of Michael E. Krauss. Michael E. Krauss.
47 Les sens inuit de l'histoire et leurs divergences au Groenland de l'Ouest et au Nunavut. Yvon Csonka.
67 "When our words are put to paper." Heritage documentation and reversing knowledge shift in the Bering Strait region. Igor Krupnik.
91 Using interactive multimedia to document and communicate Inuit knowledge. Shari Gearheard.
115 Les assistants de recherche amerindiens en tant que mediateurs culturels: experiences en milieux innu et atikamekw du Quebec. Paul Charest.
131 Two approaches to reversing language shift and the Soviet publication program for indigenous minorities. Nikolay Vakhtin.
149 History of the Naukan Yupik Eskimo dictionary with implications for a future Siberian Yupik dictionary. Steven Jacobson.
163 Eskimo languages in Asia, 1791 and the Wrangel Island-Point Hope connection. Michael E. Krauss.
187 Labrador lnuktitut: Speaking into the future. Catharyn Andersen and Alana Johns.
Notes de recherche / Short papers
207 Retention linguistique et changement social a Mistissini. Vincent College.
221 From map to horizon; from trail to journey: Documenting Inuit geographical knowledge. Claudio Aporta.
223 Inupiaq writing and international Inuit relations. Lawrence Kaplan.
239 An ephemeral anomaly. The metamorphoses of the Eskimo Language School: 1968-1999. Mick Mallon.
251 Yupik language instruction in Gambell (Saint Lawrence Island, Alaska). Christopher Petuwaq Koonooka.
267 Seven hundred million to one: Personal action in reversing language shift. Richard L. Dauenhauer.
Hors theme / Off theme
285 Contact- induced lexical development in Yupik and Inuit languages. Anna Berge and Lawrence Kaplan.
307 Historical antecedents of /h/, /s/, /j/ and /r/ in Utkuhiksalik (Inuktitut). Carrie J. Dick and Jean L. Briggs.
Essai bibiographique / Book review essay
341 Collaborative museum research with Yup'ik elders. Dawn Biddison.
Recensions / Book reviews
BAUER, Stefan, Stefan DONECKER, Alina EHRENFRIED and Markus
HIRNSPERGER (cds), Bruchlinien im Eis. Ethnologie des zirkumpolaren Nordens. (Ludger Muller-Wille).
BOAS, Norman F., Franz Boas 1858-1942. An illustrated Biography (Ludger Muller-Willie).
DALEY, Patrick J. and Beverly JAMES, Cultural Politics and the Mass Media: Alaska Native Voices (Valerie Alia).
DAMAS, David, Arctic Migrants / Arctic Villagers. The Transformation of Inuit Settlement in the Central Arctic (Francis Levesque).
DOBRIEVA, Elizaveta A., Evgeniy V. GOLOVKO, Steven A. JACOBSON and Michael E. KRAUSS (compilers), Naukan Yupik Eskimo Dictionary, edited by Steven Jacobson (Louis- Jacques Dorais).
FORTESCUE, Michael, Comparative Chukotko-Kamchatkan Dictionary (Steven A. Jacobson).
KOONOOKA, Christopher Petuwaq (transliterator and translator), Ungipaghaglanga. Let me tell You a Story. Quutmiit Yupigita Ungipaghaatangit. Legends of the Siberian
Eskimos, Transliterated and translated from the Chukotka Collection G. A. Menovshchikov; Stories Told by Ayveghhaq, Tagikaq, Asuya, Alghalek, Nanughhaq, Wiri (Willem J. de Reuse).
LAUGRAND. Frederic, Jarich OOSTEN and Maaki KAKKIK (eds), Keeping the Faith
/ Uppirniqainnarniq, with the participation of Inuit elders Pauloosie Angmarlik, Naqi Ekho, Saullu Nasasuk, Kullu Pitsiulak and Simon Shaimaijuk, Inuktitut text translated
and edited by Maaki Kakkik and Alexina Kublu (Michele Therrien).
PATRICK, Donna, Language, Politics and Social Interaction in an Inuit Community (Shelley Tulloch).
SCHNEIDER, William, ... So They Understand: Cultural Issues in Oral History (John MacDonald).
SALADIN D' ANGLURE, Bernard IGLOOLIK ISUMA PRODUCTIONS, Au Pays des Inuit: Un Film, un Peuple, une Legende (Atanarjuat, La Legende (Atanarjuat, La Legende de l'Homme Rapide) (Celine Petit).
SELINUS, Olle et al. (eds), Essentials of Medical Geology: impacts of the natural environment on public health (Chris Paci).
379 Revue des revues / Survey of periodicals
387 Theses / Dissertations
401 Information scientifique/ Scientific Information
Citation Etudes Inuit Studies, Volume 29(1-2), 2005
Contributors Dorais, Loius-Jacques (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Comparative Eskimo-Aleut
LingType endangerment

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