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Title Han Field Recordings
Han Field Recordings
1. Louise Paul: Recorded in Eagle Village December 27, 1973.
Side A: Ts'a' Wezhaa, Ts'ae'ooshae' Story cycle- told first in English then in Han, clans as political parties.
2. Sarah Malcolm #1: Recorded in Eagle Village August 15, 1975.
Side A: Sam Peter's life/Crow story (all in English), Bushman story.
Side B: How my grandma was kidnapped by Stick Indians, Wolverine story, kinship terms.
3. Sarah Malcolm #2: Recorded in Eagle Village August 15, 1975.
Side A: Kinship terms (Han) continued, Old woman and Old man story, fish.
4. Elisha Lyman: Recorded in Eagle Village August 30, 1973.
Side A: Death of Chief Charley, story of walk from Tanana to Eagle in 1920.
Side B: Common expressions and Han sentences/vocabulary.
5. Elisha Lyman #2: Recorded in Eagle Village December 22, 1973.
Side A: Han vocabulary- birds, kin terms.
Side B: 2 crow stories, clans (Crow and Seagull).
6. Louise Juneby: Recorded in Eagle Village August 29, 1973.
Side A: Clarence Alexander's translation of Dakheha as told by Johnny Frank.
Side B: Word list- Han.
7. Matthew Malcolm: Recorded in Eagle Village December 26, 1973.
Side A: Han vocabulary.
Side B: Continued.
8. Han Gathering: Recorded in Moosehide Village, Y.T. July, 2000.
Side A: Songs, speeches and stories.
Side B: Continued.
9. Percy Henry #1: Recorded in Anchorage October 11, 1999.
Side A: Personal life history, Han Indians, freighting on a barge from Dawson to Old Crow.
Side B: Continued.
10. Percy Henry #2: Recorded in Anchorage October 11 , 1999.
Side A: Shahnyaati' legend, healing/Indian medicine, Han Chiefs (succession), talk about photos: Malcolms.
11. Mike Potts (with Adeline Juneby Potts): Recorded in Fairbanks October 14, 1997.
Side A: Trapping with the Han Indians in Eagle Village and the Upper Fortymile River in the early 1970's.
Side B: Stories about Willie Juneby and Bob Stacy.
Han Field Recordings. Donated to the Alaska Native Language Archive August 11, 2012 by Craig Mishler.
Contributors Mishler, Craig (interviewer)
Paul, Louise (speaker)
Malcolm, Sarah (speaker)
Lyman, Elisha (speaker)
Juneby, Louise (speaker)
Malcolm, Matthew (speaker)
Henry, Percy (speaker)
Potts, Mike (speaker)
Potts, Adeline Juneby (speaker)
Type Text
Format audio/x-wav
Eagle Village, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Alaska.  Moosehide Village, Yukon Territory.
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Subject Language(s) Han

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