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Title Cassette Tapes recorded by Judy Erick
Series 3: Cassette Tapes recorded by Judy Erick (Historic Sites, NPS Grant)
1. Sarah John: Recorded in Venetie March 10, 1998.
2. Bo Kelly (Paul Kelly Jr.): Recorded in Fairbanks October 7, 1997.
3. Margaret Kelly: Recorded in Fort Yukon August 31, 1997.
Recorded by Judy Erick with another person asking questions.
4. Daniel Flitt: Recorded in Fort Yukon September 1, 1997.
5. Maggie Roberts: Recorded in Venetie January 22, 1998.
6. Jimmy Roberts #1: Recorded in Venetie September, 1997.
7. Jimmy Roberts #2: Recorded in Venetie May 12, 1998.
8. Jimmy Roberts #3: Recorded in Venetie May 14, 1998.
9. Neil Henry: Recorded in Venetie by Craig Mishler & Judy Erick May 30, 1999.
10. Albert Albert (aka Sike): Recorded in Venetie May 14, 1998.
11. Mary Simple/ Eunice Williams: Recorded in Venetie c. 1997.
Side A: MS interview.
Side B: Tsuk'oo and Te'eetree.
12. Ellen Henry #1 (Judy Erick's mother): Recorded at Ts'ukoo graveyard June 10, 1997.
13. Ellen Henry #2: Recorded in Venetie November 24, 1997.
Side A: EH talks about Upper Chandalar above Arctic Village.
14. Ellen Henry #3: Recorded in Venetie September 12, 1998.
Side A: EH interviewed at the Tsuko Graveyard in Gwich'in.
15. Ellen Henry #2 part A translated by Lillian Garnett
16. Ellen Henry #2 part B translated by Lillian Garnett
17. Ellen Henry #2 part C translated by Lillian Garnett
Gwich'in Field Recordings. Donated to the Alaska Native Language Archive August 13, 2012.
Contributors Erick, Judy (interviewer)
Kelly, Bo (speaker)
Kelly, Margaret (speaker)
Flitt, Daniel (Flett) (speaker)
Roberts, Maggie (speaker)
Roberts, Jimmy (speaker)
Henry, Neil (speaker)
Albert, Albert (speaker)
Simple, Mary (speaker)
Williams, Eunice (speaker)
Henry, Ellen (speaker)
Type Sound
Format audio/x-wav
Fort Yukon, Venetie, Fairbanks, Alaska
Contact author for access.
Subject Language(s) Gwich'in

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