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Title Focus on Form Through Singing in a First Grade Yugtun Immersion Classroom
Description:University of Alaska Fairbanks master's thesis.
This study examines the impacts of singing as a focus on form in the Yugtun genitive endings. Genitive case endings refer to the case of ownership, such as in the sentence “My mother's eyes.” The belief of this research is that singing will help the students to focus on form in the oral performance of the first grade second language learners of Yugtun. All the students in the classroom participated in the study. Their accuracy and progression were measured prior to teaching two songs with a pretest interview. After teaching of the songs, the students composed couple songs where the genitive forms were examined. A post test and a delayed test were administered after the instructions of the songs. The results support the previous studies that focus on form can provide accuracy to second language development.
Contributors Oulton, Naniruaq Carol (author)
Type Text
Restrictions Contact author for access
Subject Language(s) Yup'ik, Central Alaskan
LingType pedagogy
Collection SLATE
Theses and Dissertations

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