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Title [Regarding the Dinjii Zhuh Word, Takudh and Gwich'in words for poplar and aspen trees.]
Description:Ts. and ms. correspondence and source information for Takudh.
see also KU001H2001a
1) 2 pp. correspondence  from Jude Henzler to Michael Krauss. 
2)Regarding the Dinjii Zhuh word Takudh and its various spellings Tukudh, Tukkuthe, etc. by Kathy Trill and Jude Henzler, March 1999. 2 pp.
3) Missionary of the Northwest, Appendix, extract from a letter from McDonald to CMS 31 January 1865. 1 pp.
4) Archives of teh Bureau of American Ethnology, Smithsoian Institution. No.203 b Tribes of teh Kuchin Indians of Lower Mackenzie and Youkon Region. Generally called Lochioux.... Author unknown. 1 pp.
5) Journal of the Yukon, 1847-48 by Alexander Hunter Murray. Ottawa Government Printing Co. 1910. 2 pp.
6) Voyages from Montreal on the River St. Lawrence through the Continent of North America to Frozen and Pacific Oceans in the years 1789 and 1793 by Alexander Mackenzie. Copied excerpts. 10 pp.
7) Untitled ms. The Luchioux (Squinters) from Ft Yukon to Peales [Peel(s)] River and half way to Ft. G. Hope... 1 pp.
8) Kutch-a-kutchin. Words from the language of the Kutch-a-kuchin - the indians of the Yukon River at the mouth of the Porcupine River, in Russian America.- Kennicott. Archives of the Bureau of American Ethnology, Smithsoian Institution. No.160-c, date unknown. 4 pp.
9) [A copy of Kennicott's pronunciation guide 9/9/00.] 1 pp.
10) The First Scientific Exploration of Russian America and the Purchase of Alaska by James Alton James, 1942. Northwestern University, Evanston and Chicago. 2 pp.
Comments Identifier reflects research date for Gwich'in words using much older sources.
Contributors Henzler, Jude (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Gwich'in
LingType lexicon

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