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Title M. Krauss files: [Grant proposals.]
Description:Proposals by M. Krauss and others. Grant budgets, correspondence:
f.1 Alaska Native Languages Dictionary Project, NSF proposal. 1980.
f.2 Aleut Texts Transcribed from 1909-1910 Phonograph cylinders, Alaska Humanities Forum proposal, 1987.
f.3 Napaaq (Florence Okinello Malewotok); Her Early Life and Artwork, Alaska Humanities Forum proposal, 1989.
f.4 Chugachmiut ANA Native Langue Preservation Grant, 1994.
f.5 World Center for Arctic Cultural Studies at UAF, Mellon Foundation proposal, 1996.
f.6 Workshop on Endangered Language Data Preservation: the need for standards, NSF proposal, 2000.
f.7 A Searchable Digital Archive of Western Apache Language, Willem de Reuse, NSF proposal, 2005.
f.8 Pan Athapaskan comparative lexicon: a relational database for linguistic and archeological research and Dene languages revitalization, Sally Rice, Social Studies and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2005.
f.9 Documenting Athabaskan Speech Communities, Joyce McDonough, NSF proposal, 2005.
f.10 Comparative Athabaskan Grammar, Sharon Hargus, NSF proposal, 2006.
f.11 IPY: Documenting Alaskan And Neighboring Languages, M. Krauss, NSF proposal, 2007.
f.12 IPY: Documenting Alaskan And Neighboring Languages, M. Krauss, NSF , 2007
f.13 Inupiaq Dictionary Grant Budget, 2008.
Comments Materials donated to ANLA by M. Krauss in 2012.
Contributors Krauss, Michael E. (author)
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LingType endangerment

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