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Title M. Krauss files: [Number and viability of Native Languages, North America and Greenland.]
Description:Materials collected by M. Krauss in the 1990's and donated to ANLA in 2012.
f.1 Ts. and ms. [Number of speakers and viability of Native Languages by state and province.] ca.150 pp.
f.2 [Number of speakers and viability of Native Languages, correspondence and data.] 200 pp.
f.3 Endangered Languages; The Language Catastrophe Just Ahead; Paper from a presentation by M. Krauss at Hokkaido University in 1993; The World's languages in Crisis, Languages Vol. 68, No. 1, 1992; The Status of the Worlds Languages as Reported in Ethnologue, David Harmon, 1994 draft; Endangered Languages and the Linguist, Bach, Emmon. 1995. In Linguistics in the Morning Calm III , Proceedings of the 1992 Seoul International Conference on Linguistics, Seoul, 1994;New Guineans in their Natural World, Jared Diamond. In The Biophilia Hypothesis, 1993; Untitled paper by M. Krauss on Language endangerment, page 1 is missing; Redefining Diversity: Biologists Urge Look Beyond Rain Forests. by Natalie Angier, New York Times, Nov. 29, 1994; Letter from M. Krauss to NALI, 1994 conference re: Endangered Languages; Congressional Record, Native American Language Act, 1994; Ms. 6 page presentation, undated; Correspondence re: The Practice of Preservation: Views from Linguists Working With Language Renewal, 1993; Correspondence , William S-Y. Wang; Guardians of the Land: Indigenous Peoples and the Health of the Earth. by Alan Thein Durning, Worldwatch Paper 112, Dec. 1992; Selected resources on Endangered languages, by Anthony Woodbury, 1995 LSA. M. Krauss' notes on language loss.
f.4 Alaska Census folder: Notes and compilation of data includes estimates for Siberian Yupik by S. Jacobson; Selected poulation characteristics for American Indian and Alaska Native Areas:1990; List of Alaska native Languages with population, numbers of speakers, age of youngest speaker, comprehensive dictionary, grammar; Levin: Alaska Natives in a Century of Change, Anthropological Papers of the University of Alaska, 23 pp. 18-19 age and sex of the Alaska Native poulation in 1980; Alaska Population by age category:1990 Census; Alaska Tribal codes for BIA' IMRS Juneau Area-Tribal entities list with population data extracted from 1990 US Census Bureau Statistics; Alaska Athabaskan Languages: Population and Distribution, based on 1990 census, by Chad Thompson, Eliza Jones, Jim Kari and Jeff Leer; Bilingual-Bicultural education program student enrollments, 1987-1988 top 11 languages; Bilingual/Multicultural Program Mat-Su School District, Student Ethnic Breakdown 1987-1994 showing and increase in Native students; Alaskan Eskimo Langue Composition Census Year, 1980; M. Krauss notes, compilation; Gwich'in Student Language Assessment Information, Dick Mueller, 1994; AK Native enrollments, Fairbanks NS Bor. Schools B/B Education Program, 1993-1994.
f.5 [Alaska Native Census]: Ms. note by M. Krauss on Ballot Measure 6, 1998 designating English as the official language of Alaska. 75% of natives voted NO and 70% of whites voted YES, attached data appears to be missing;  Number of Speakers, Unpublished but not secret estimates from the 1980 census; Indigenous Languages of the North Tabular Summary.
f.6 [Canadian Aboriginal language speakers data]: Stats Canada Population by Ethnic Origin, 1993; Population Universe, Aboriginal: Aboriginal Population; Quebec Health and Social Services Ministry population statistics, 1991; Current Status of Writing Systems for Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtum and Inuvialuktun, Kenn Harper, March, 1992; The Canadian People and their Language, Louis-Jacques Dorais, 1981 p.191-192.
f.7 [Canadian Inuit Place names and demographics.] La Situation linguistique dans l'Artique, by Louis Jacques Dorais Etudes/ Inuit/Studies, 1992, 16(1-2):237-255; Canadian data from 1984, 1896, 1991; Inuit place names proof for map; Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 5: Arctic  excerpts for the Labrador Coast; Maps; Place names; Orthography.
f.8 Greenland Census: 1976-1988; 1990; undated.
Comments Materials donated by M. Krauss in 2012. Dates are approximate.
Contributors Krauss, Michael E. (author)
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LingType endangerment

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