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Title M. Krauss files: Papers on Languages, endangerment and linguistics.
Description:Materials collected by M. Krauss on a variety of subjects relating to endangered languages, Alaska Native languages, linguistics and history.
f.1 Magazine articles:
"Disappearing Languages," by Rosemarie Ostler. In The Futurist, Aug-Sept.1999.
"The Sounds of Silence," by Jeffrey. In Newsweek, June 19, 2000.
"More than Words," in Whole Earth 100 Spring, 2000. Articles: Yowlumni: The Path to Revitalization by Matt Vera; Disappearing Languages by Rosemarie Ostler; Just Speak Your Languages by Richard Littlebear; English: The Killer Language by Josua A. Fishman; A Whole Earth of Compassionate Linguists, Elena Benedicto, Nora England, Kenneth Hale, Leanne Hinton, Don Ringe, Douglas Whalen. Why save languages and How; Salila-ti Mi-mu d-enn-i-gu by Darryl Babe Wilson.
"The Last Word: Can the world's small languages be saved?" by Earl Shorris. In Harpers Magazine, Aug, 2000.
"A Loss for Words," by M. Krauss. In Earthwatch, undated possibly 2002.
"Saving Dying Languages," by W. Wayt Gibbs. In Scientific American, Aug. 2002.
"The Disappearing Languages of Alaska," author unknown. In Alaska Humanities Forum, Fall, 2005.
f.2 Newspaper articles:
The Chronicle of Higher Education, Apr.20,1994.
"UAF Professor Emeritus awarded for language work," by Robinson Duffy. In The Sun Star, Vol. XVI, No.17, Feb. 6, 2007.
"Silenced Tongues," by Mike Toner. In The Atlanta Journal, The Atlanta Reader, Feb. 18,1995.
"Indians striving to save their languages," by James Brooke. In The New York Times. Apr. 9, 1998.
"The Death of Languages," by David L. Wheeler. In The Chronicle of Higher Education, Apr. 20, 1994.
"Saving Native Languages," by Lynda V. Mapes. In The Seattle Times, Dec. 11, 2008.
f.3 Michael Krauss' lectures:
"Can Linguistics be ethical?" July 10, 2005.
"Krauss, Languages," 05/25/2006.
"Indigenous Languages of the North tabular Summary." undated.
[Twenty handwritten pages of lecture notes by M. Krauss.] undated.
f.4 "Last Words," by Elizabeth Kolbert. in The New Yorker 6/6/2005. Eyak article.
"In a publishing coup, books in 'unwritten' languages," by John Noble Wilford. In New York Times, dec. 31, 1991.
"Languages fading around the world," by Paul Lewis. In Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Aug.16,1998.
"Disappearing Languages," by Rosemarie Ostler. in The Futurist Aug. Sept, 1999.
"Letter from Alaska, Last Words, A language dies," by Elizabeth Kolbert. In The New Yorker, June 6, 2005.
" Too late to say 'Extinct" in Ubykh, Eyak or Ona," Thousands of languages are endangered. by Paul Lewis. In The New York Times. Aug, 15, 1998.
"Alaskans speak out to save dying languages," by Lee Dye. In Los Angeles Times, 07/07/1994.
"Potlatch a success," by the Eagle Clan of the Eyak People, Cordova. In the Cordova Times, July 7,1994.
"Cherishing a Culture," by Soren Wuerth. In The Cordova Times July 14, 1994. An article about Marie Smith.
"Rooting for the Small Guy," by Andrew Brenner. Unpublished.
"Michael Krauss on Eyak," an interview with Andreas Droulias, May 6, 2004.
"Speaking with a single tongue," by Jared Diamond. In Discover, Feb.1993.
Comments Magazines with articles on endangered languages collected by Krauss. Donated to ANLA in 2012.
Magazine articles may have appeared in several publications.
Contributors Krauss, Michael E. (author)
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LingType endangerment

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