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Title M. Krauss files: Correspondence 1983-1990.
Description:Michael Krauss' correspondence files, roughly sorted by date or topic.
f.1 Correspondence, Krauss, 1983-1984.
f.2 Correspondence, Krauss,1983-1985 proposal to develop a Linguistic Program at UAF.
f.3 Correspondence, Krauss, 1985.
f.4 Correspondence, Krauss, 1985-1986.
f.5 Correspondence, Krauss,1985.
f.6 Correspondence, Krauss,1986-1987 regarding a festschrift for Knut Bergsland.
f.7 Correspondence, Krauss,1987-1988.
f.8 Correspondence, Krauss,1987 regarding John Enrico.
f.9 Correspondence, Krauss,1987-1989.
f.10 Correspondence, Krauss,1988.
f.11 Correspondence, Krauss,1988 Friendship Flight.
f.12 Correspondence, Krauss,1988 regarding University of Alberta School of Native Studies. Regna Darnell and Jean Mulder. Also includes: Sapir's commitment to Navaho.
f.13 Correspondence, Krauss,1988-1989 Travel: Leningrad, Japan, Yellowknife.
f.14 Correspondence, Krauss,1989 Saskatoon Copper Mine.
f.15 Correspondence, Krauss,1989 Travel: Sapporo Japan. Minoru Takabatake.
f.16 Correspondence, Krauss,1989.
f.17 Correspondence, Krauss,1989 Alaska Humanities Forum.
f.18 Correspondence, Krauss,1989 Travel: Leningrad.
f.19 Correspondence, Krauss,1990's unsorted.
f.20 Correspondence, Krauss,1990's unsorted.
f.21 Correspondence, Krauss,1990's unsorted.
f.22 Correspondence, re: Svend Frederikson to establish an Institute of Eskimology in the US, 1960. Knut Bergsland, L.L. Hammerich, unknown Minister for Greenland.
f.23 Correspondence from Knut Berglsland to M. Krauss re: Eskimo languages, 1960.
f.24 Correspondence from M. Krauss to Jøergen Rischel re: Rischel's retirement in 1998. Also papers by Rischel but not on Alaska Native languages.
Comments These files may contain Native Language materials.
Materials donated by M. Krauss in 2012. A rough attempt was made to sort these files by year and/or topic. Materials in folders were given new folders but very little effort was made to describe the contents. Subjects include: administration of ANLA, language research, publications, conferences, travel, news, requests for information and many others.
Contributors Krauss, Michael E. (author)
Type Text
Restrictions These materials may contain information related to the administration of ANLC during the time M. Krauss was director. They may also contain private correspondence.

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