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Title M. Krauss files: Papers on languages, endangerment and linguistics.
Description:Materials collected by M. Krauss on a variety of subjects relating to languages, Alaska Native languages, linguistics and history.
f.1 [Northwest Coast Expeditions in the 1770's. Papers annotated by M. Krauss.
f.2 Collecion de Diarios y Relaciones Para la Historia de los Viajes y Descrubrimientos. II,  Bodega y Quadra, 1775.
f.3 Fray Benito de la Sierra's account of the Hezeta Expedition to the Northwest Coast in 1775. Sierra, 1775.
f.4 [S. Hall Young, Language Policy.] Young, 1880.
f.5 [G.A. Reichard materials and correspondence.] Reichard, 1922.
f.6 Elementi di Glottologia. Trombetti, 1923.
f.7 A Voyage of Discovery. Vancouver, 1967.
f.8 Handbook of North American Indians. Krauss, 1980.
f.9 Beringia Lecture, ASPAC. Krauss, 1983.
f.10 Peoples in the Arctic tell their own story in book. MacLean, 1983.
f.11 Dorian Andreyevitch Sergeyev, 1984.
f.12 Northwest Coast Volume: History and evaluation of research in linguistics. Kinkade, 1985.
f.13 Published articles on Languages in the Americas. Collected by Krauss, 1986.
f.14 Catharsis charisma and culture... Edward Sapir. Darnell, 1986.
f.15 Anthropology and Poetry. Hymes, 1986.
f.16 Alaskan Athapaskans. Simeone, 1986.
f.17 The Consequences of Language Death. Campbell, 1987.
f.18 Phylogenetic Relations of the Native American Languages. Ruhlen, 1989.
f.19 Linguistic Diversity and its Implications for the Settlement of the New World. Nichols, 1989.
f.20 Frederica de Laguna and the Pleasures of Anthropology. Mc Cllean, 1989.
f.21 Proposal for direct cultural ties, Magadan Territory [Russia] and Alaska. Krauss, 1989
f. 22 Moscow News [newspapers], 1990. Collected by Krauss, 1990.
f.23 Map of Russia, areas closed to foreigners, 1966. Krauss, 1966.
f.24 Russian America a Biographical Dictionary. Partial copy. Pierce, 1990.
f.25 [Index to Gospel Recordings.] Krauss, 1991.
f.26 Alaska Siberia Materials. Krauss, 1991.
f.27 The Alaska Journal of Archibald Menzies, 1793-1794. Olson, 1992.
f.27 Survey of Linguistics Departments and Programs in Regard to Language Endangerment. Krauss, 1992.
f.28 Spending millions to preserve Native Languages puzzling at best. Chiei, 1992.
f.29 Le Decouverte De L'Amerique Par L'Expedition Fedorov-Gvozdev-Mochkov. Chopotov. 1992.
f.30 The House is Afire! John Peabody Harrington- Then and Now. Hinton, 1992.
f.31 The Native North American Almanac. Champagne, 1994.
f.32 The Institute for the Preservation of the Original Languages of the Americas, IPOLA, 1993. Krauss, 1993.
f.33 Cultural Contact: Alaska Native Language and the Russian Orthodoxy Legacy. Krauss, 1993.
f.34 Comments on the Language Effort and Language Work in Alaskan Athabaskan Languages. Kari, 1991.
f.35 Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies, Eskimo-Aleut, Athabaskan. Krauss, 1992.
f.36 Preserving Languages, 1995. Kari, 1995.
f.37 Native Languages: Is [the] Cup Half Full or Half Empty? Kari, 1995.
f.38 Arctic Science Journeys "Endangered Languages". Krauss, 1995.
f.39 Coastal Temperate Rainforest Atlas. Kellog, 1995.
f.40 Bright Lights Ahead of Us: Native Narratives of Interior and Southcentral Alaska and the Yukon. Rupert and Burnet, 1995.
f.41 [Language Preservation Society.] Krauss, 1996.
f.42 Historical Truths and Partisan Misrepresentations. Murray, 1996.
f.43 A Comparison of Language Policy in the United States and France. Mierzejewski, 1997.
f.44 Modeling Ancient Population Structures and Movement in Linguistics. Nichols, 1997.
f.45 Map of Greenland.  Catalog of maps for sale. Collected by Krauss, 1998.
f.46 [Koyukon placenames.] Jones, 1998.
f.47 Crossroads of Continents: Cultures of Siberia and Alaska. Sattler, Greenberg, 1999.
f.48 Langscape # 13. Sept. 1999.
f.49 To the Beginnings of Time and Beyond: A Timeline of Alaska Native History. Partnow, Doss, Senungetuk, Hensel, 1999.
f.50 Number of Nouns in Native American Dictionaries. Krauss, 2000.
f.51 [Jette, on dialects of the Ten'a.] Krauss, 2000.
f.52 Estimating Dates of Early American Colonization Events. Nichols, 2000.
f.53 American Indian and Alaska Native Education Research Agenda. U.S Dept of Education, 2001.
f.54 Native Languages Act, 2001.
f.55 Gonzaga Archive, newspaper article. Krauss, 2002.
f.55 [Alexander Mackenzie, B.C. Archives.]  A report by Jude Henzler to M.Krauss, 2003.
f.56 [Student reports on Krauss' lecture.] 2005.
f.57 Language Summit,Tanana Chiefs Conference, 2005. The loss of Athabascan and Culture. Schaeffer, 2005.
f.58 Saving Dying Languages by W. Wayt Gibbs. In Scientific American, Aug. 2002.
f.59 The Death of Languages by David L. Wheeler. In The Chronicle of Higher Education, Apr. 20, 1994.
f.60 All Things Considered, Lost and Found Sound NPR, June 11. 1999.Interview by Dean Olsher with M. Krauss, Lise Dobrin, Peter Ladefoged.
f.61 Can Threatened Languages be Saved? edited by Joshua A. Fishman. Multilingual Matters, 2001 excerpts relevant to Krauss' role in drawing attention to language endangerment crisis.
f.62 Endangered Native American Languages: What is to be done, and why? By James Crawford. In Language and Politics in the United States and Canada, Myths and Realities, edited by Thomas Ricento and Barbara Burnaby, 1998.
f.63 Linguistic, Cultural and Biological Diversity by Luisa Maffi. In Annual Review of Anthropology. Vol. 34, 2005.
f.64 The Future: Language Endangerment by Lyle Campbell. In American Indian Languages The Historical Linguistics of Native America. Oxford University Press, 1997.
f.65 The Tower of Babel, in The Language Instinct by Steven Pinker, William Morrow and Co. Inc., 1994.
f.66 Speaking with a Single Tongue by Jared Diamond. From a 1993 article in Discovery, reprinted in Language Introductory Readings edited by Clark, Escholz, Rosa, St Martins Press, 1994.
f.67 Book Review of Endangered Languages ed. by R.H. Robins and E.M. Uhlenbeck. Oxford and New York, 1991. In International Journal of the Sociology of Language.
f.68  Half of Languages Becoming Extinct. In L. Starke, ed., Vital Signs 1997.
f.69 Newspaper articles quoting Krauss form various sources, 1995-2005.
f.70 Preserving the Tlingit Language, culture. By Leslie Murray 6/7/85, The Juneau Empire. A newspaper article about the work of Nora Marks Dauenhauer and Dick Dauenhauer.
Comments Materials donated by M. Krauss in 2012. New folders follow the original organization in which they were found. Many things were not originally foldered. Individual folders were listed above but materials combined into one folder were not listed separately. These materials are kept together to preserve context. Some have been annotated by M. Krauss. Some may be found cataloged seperately.
Contributors Krauss, Michael E. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) General

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