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Title Constructing cultures then and now : celebrating Franz Boas and the Jesup North Pacific Expedition
Description:Book: Constructing cultures then and now : celebrating Franz Boas and the Jesup North Pacific Expedition
Citation Introduction : A centenary and a celebration / Laurel Kendall and Igor Krupnik -- "The aim of the expedition ... has in the main been accomplished" : words, deeds, and legacies of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition / Igor Krupnik and Nikolai Vakhtin -- The so-called "Eskimo wedge" : a century after Jesup / Don E. Dumond -- Failing at Bering Strait? Jesup North Pacific Expedition and the study of culture contact / Peter P. Schweitzer -- Diffusion and colonial anthropology : theories of change in the context of Jesup 1 / Molly Lee and Nelson H.H. Graburn -- The Jesup Expedition and its analogues : a comparison / Stanley A. Freed, Ruth S. Freed, and Laila Williamson -- Franz Boas and the music of the Northwest Coast Indians / Ira Jacknis -- Beyond Boas? Re-assessing the contribution of "informant" and "research assistant" : James A. Teit / Wendy Wickwire -- Franz Boas and an "unfinished Jesup" on Sakhalin Island : shedding new light on Berthold Laufer and Bronislaw Pilsudski / Koichi Inoue -- Louis Shotridge and indigenous Tlingit ethnography : then and now / Nora Marks Dauenhauer and Richard Dauenhauer -- Bilingual/bicultural informants and interpreters of the Jesup Expedition era / Sergei Kan -- The Jesup Expedition and the modernization of North Pacific natural history / Robert S. Hoffmann -- The languages of the North Pacific Rim, 1897-1997, and the Jesup Expedition / Michael E. Krauss -- Genetic prehistory of Paleoasiatic-speaking populations of northeastern Siberia and their relationships to Native Americans / Theodore G. Schurr and Douglas C. Wallace -- The post-Jesup century of research into the prehistory of northeastern Siberia / Sergei A. Arutiunov.
Life in lost villages : home, land, memory and the senses of loss in post-Jesup Kamchatka / David Koester -- Heritage anthropology in the "Jesup-2" era : exploring North Pacific cultures through cooperative research / William W. Fitzhugh -- Aleut archaeology and cultural heritage : the legacy of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition / Stephen Loring and Douglas W. Veltre -- In memory of Vladimir Ivanov-Unarov, 1937-2000 -- Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer -- The revitalization of the traditional culture of northeast Siberian peoples : the role of the Jesup Expedition / Vladimir Kh. Ivanov-Unarov and Zinaida I. Ivanova-Unarova -- The invention and perpetuation of culture : the Boasian legacy and two 20th century woman totem pole carvers / Aldona Jonaitis -- Consumers, then and now / Gloria Cranmer Webster.
Contributors Kendall, Laurel (editor)
Krupnik, I. I. (editor)
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