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Title Honoring our elders : a history of eastern Arctic archaeology
Description:Book: Honoring our elders : a history of eastern Arctic archaeology   
Citation The history of Arctic ethnography : some personal reflections / Ernest S. Burch, Jr. -- Elmer Harp's contribution to bush archaeology / J.V. Wright -- A history of Beverly Range archaeological research / Bryan C. Gordon -- Diamond Jenness : the first Canadian Arctic archaeologist / David Morrison -- Tradition and continuity in Eskimo art / Edmund Carpenter -- Danish Arctic archaeology from the Royal Society for Northern Antiquities to the Fifth Thule Expedition / Jørgen Meldgaard and Hans Christian Gulløv -- Analogy in the ethnohistory of Greenland : learning from the elders / Hans Christian Gulløv -- Northern Ellesmere Island : a 1958 field diary / Moreau Maxwell -- Demography and interaction : an appraisal of the core area concept in Paleoeskimo studies / Daniel Odess -- The early history of the Cape Dorset culture / Graham Rowley -- From Alarnerk to Nunguvik / Guy Mary-Rousselière -- Nukasusutok 2 and the Paleoeskimo transition in Labrador / William W. Fitzhugh -- "And they took away the stones from Ramah" : lithic raw material sourcing and eastern Arctic archaeology / Stephen Loring -- History of archaeological research in Arctic Quebec / Patrick Plumet -- The history of archaeological research in Nunavik (Nouveau-Québec) : a second opinion / Charles A. Martijn -- Early bird archaeologists among the bake-apples : a quick swoop along Quebec's lower north shore / Jean-Yves Pintal and Charles A. Martijn -- The elusive Landry Site in Newport, Gaspé / Moira T. McCaffrey -- Days of future past : pluralizing eastern Arctic and Subarctic archaeology / Bryan C. Hood --
Contributors Fitzhugh, William (editor)
Loring, Stephen (editor)
Odess, Daniel (editor)
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