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Title This Is What They Say
Description:Book: This Is What They Say
Citation How copper was discovered -- How iron was discovered -- Raven Head -- His grandmother raised him -- Scabby -- Old axe, story one -- Old axe, story two -- The cannibal -- The man who hibernated with a bear -- The adventures of Beaulieu -- The man who became a wolf -- The cheating gambler -- The flight of the last Dogribs -- The shaman of the Yellowknives -- The wise man, story one -- The wise man, story two -- Education -- About fish -- How I made a canoe -- How I tanned a moose hide -- How I hunted beaver.
Contributors Mandeville, Francois (author)
Bringhurst, Robert (reviewer)
Scollon, Ronald (translator)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Chipewyan

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