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Title Linguistic Structures of Native America
Description:Book: Linguistic Structures of Native America
Citation Introduction, by Harry Hoijer.--South Greenlandic (Eskimo) by Morris Swadesh.--Chiricahua Apache, by Harry Hoijer.--Algonquian, by Leonard Bloomfield.--Delaware, an eastern Algonquian language, by C. F. Voegelin.--The Hopi language, Toreva dialect, by B. L. Whorf.--An outline of Taos grammar, by G. L. Trager.--The Yawelmani dialect of Yokuts, by S. S.Newman.--Yuma, by A. M. Halpern.--Tonkawa, by Harry Hoijer.--Chitimacha, by Morris Swadesh.--A grammatical sketch of Tunica, by Mary R. Haas.--The Milpa Alta dialect of Aztec, by B. L. Whorf.--Chipewyan, by Li Fang-kuei.
Contributors Hoijer, Harry (author)
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LingType grammatical

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