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Title Intonational Marking of Discourse Units in Two Dena'ina Narratives
Description:Intonational Marking of Discourse Units in Two Dena'ina Narratives
"In this paper we investigate the phonetic realization of intonational boundary marking in two Dena'ina (Alaskan Athabascan) narratives, one recorded recently and one a generation ago. We segment this discourse into semantic units based on speaker judgments and measure non-final and final syllable rhymes for differences in pitch and duration. We find that unit-final syllables are significantly longer and lower in pitch, often preceding extended pauses that in true story performance would be filled by audience response. In the newer text we find that an intermediate-level unit seems to be marked with lengthening only, with pitch fall only occurring at the ends of more extended units."
Citation Nouveaux cahiers de linguistique francaise 28/2007. interfaces discours-prosodie, actes du 2nd symposium international & Colloque Charles Bally. Pp305-316
Contributors Tuttle, Siri G. (author)
Lovick, Olga (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Dena'ina
LingType grammatical

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