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Title Henry Williams
Draft: A story told by Henry Williams about what it was like around Chalkytsik before it became a village. Then once it became a village, the various people who had stores there which all eventually went broke. Then David Salmon got some money from the Tanana Chiefs Conference, and from that time on they've had a store. He's talking about when the White man appeared, probably 1840s, then later he talks about life in the early 1900s.
Notes from Kathy Sikorski and Allan Hayton (2-14-2012)
The edits could have been made by Jeff Leer probably as he heard Katherine Peter read the story because he could hear tone. (Notes are by Kathy Sikorski
Elder's Speak.
Contributors Williams, Henry (speaker)
Type Text
Format application/pdf
Subject Language(s) Gwich'in
LingType ethnohistory
Files: Henry-Williams.PDF

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