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Title [Various Articles by Merritt Ruhlen]
Description:Various Articles by  Merritt Ruhlen:
-"Voices from the Past" (The First Americans series 1987)
-"Materials for a Global Etymological Dictionary" (1989)
-"Linguistic Evidence for the Peopling of the Americas" (1989)
-"The Amerind Root *Maliq'a 'Swallow, Throat' and its Origin in the Old World" (1990)
-Postscript to Ruhlen's "Guide" (1991)
-"Proto-Amerind Numerals" (1995)
-"The Origin of the Na-Dene" (1995) With extensive ms. comments and letters by Michael Krauss
Contributors Ruhlen, Merritt (author)
Type Text
LingType ethnohistory
Collection General

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