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Title Linguistic Origins of Native Americans (And the controversy that follows)
Description:Linguistic Origins of Native Americans: Scholars have long wondered how Native Americans settled the New World. Recent research indicates that their many tongues belong to just three families, implying three waves of immigration from Asia.
In response to this article published in Scientific American, November 1992, Lyle Campbell responded with a commentary "Media Responsibility in Historical Linguistics" to the editor (May 11, 1993). Ives Goddard, Victor Golla, Robert Levine, Marianne Mithun and William Poser also signed the letter, in SSILA Newsletter XII:2 July 1993
Citation Scientific American November 1992, Pps. 94-99. SSILA Newsletter XII:2 July 1993, Pps. 7-8
Contributors Greenberg, Joseph H. (author)
Ruhlen, Merritt (author)
Campbell, Lyle. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Comparative Athabaskan
Comparative Eskimo-Aleut
LingType ethnohistory
Collection General

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