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Title [Various papers by Alfred Majewicz]
Minority Language Preservation Strategies and Minority-Related Conflict-Evasion Policy Suggestions for Eastern Europe and Siberia (1997); Development and Its Price: Prospects and Limitations in the Cultural and Economic Development of Northern Minority Peoples (1997); Minority Situation Attitudes and Developments After the Return of Power of "Post-Communists" in Poland (1999); Bibliography of Writing in Linguistics and Related Fields (1999)
International Institute of Ethnolinguistic and Oriental Studies 1997; Reprinted from the Proceedings of the 11th International Abashiri Syposium 1997; Nationalities Papers, Vol.27, No.1, 1999; International Institute of Ethnolinguistic and Oriental Studies 1999
Contributors Majewicz, Alfred F. (author)
Date1997, 1999
Type Text
LingType endangerment
Collection General

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