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Title [Kwachka: Various Papers]
Kwachka: Various Papers:
- "The Social Consequences of Truth: Expressing the Possible in Yup'ik Eskimo."  undated possibly, 1988.
-"The Illusion of Dialect: Alaskan Natives in Western Institutions" 1987.
-Letter of Support for an examination of language acquisition and retention among the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians [1987].
-"Substance and Salience: Dialects Covert Culture, Epistemologies, and Learning" 1987.
-"The Effect of Language Shift on the Acquisition of Oriental Systems, Choctaw and English" 1991.
-"Discourse Structures, Cultural Stability, and Language Shift" 1992.
-"Language Shift and Cultural Loss" 1995.
-"Data Analysis/Alaskan Englishes" n.d.
Several of the papers do not have dates. 1987 is an estimate.
University of Alaska Fairbanks, Society for Applied Anthropology Oaxaca, Mexico
Contributors Kwachka, Patricia (author)
Type Text
LingType dialects
Collection General

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