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Title [Materials about Language Endangerment 2]
Description:Materials about Language Endangerment;
-"The World's Languages in Crisis" (Krauss, in Language, Vol.68, No.1, 1992)
-"Number and Viability of Native American Languages by State" (Krauss, 1992)
-Statement of Mr. Michael Krauss, Representing the Linguistic Society of America (1992)
-"The Status of Eskimo/Inuit Languages in World Perspective" (Krauss, 1992)
-"The Language Extinction Catastrophe Just Ahead: Should Linguists Care?" (Krauss, Proceedings of the XVth International Congress of Linguists, 1992), also a Japanese publication
-Permanent International Committee of Linguists General Assembly Resolution, August 14, 1992
-"A Loss for Words" (Krauss, in Earthwatch, 1992)
- Ms. A revised count of North American Languages and Statuses, 1994
-"Language Endangerment" (Krauss, in Languages of the North Pacific Rim, 1994), Also printed in Japanese.
-Alaska Native Languages in 50 years (1945-1995): Changes in status, resources and public attitudes. (Krauss, in Bridges of the Science Between North America and the Far East. 45th annual conference, 1994, Anchorage, Alaska, Abstracts Book 2)
-"The Scope of the Language Endangerment Crisis and Recent Responses to It" (Krauss, in Studies in Endangered Languages, 1995)
-"Language Loss in Alaska, The United States, and The World" (Krauss, in Frame of Reference, Vol.VI, No.1, 1995)
-"Status of Native American Languages Endangerment" (Krauss, in Stabilizing Indigenous Languages, 1996)
-"Linguistics and Biology: Threatened Linguistic and Biological Diversity Compared" (Krauss, in Papers from the Para-session on Theory and Data in Linguistics, 1996)
-"The Indigenous Languages of the North: A Report on Their Present State" (Krauss, in Northern Minority Languages: Problems of Survival, 1997)
-"The Condition of Native North American Languages: the need for realistic assessment and action" (Krauss, in International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 1998)
-"Preliminary Suggestions for Classification and Terminology for Degrees of Language Endangerment" (Krauss, 2000)
-"Lexical Documentation of Endangered Languages" (Krauss, abstract, 2001)
-"Speaking with a Single Tongue" (Jared Diamond, in Discover, 1993)
-"Can Linguists be Ethical?" (Krauss, 2005)
Various language stat summaries, ms. notes
-"Dynamics of Language Extinction" (Krauss, 2007)
Comments Materials date from 1992-2007
Contributors Krauss, Michael E. (author)
Type Text
LingType endangerment
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