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Title [Education in Russian America]
Description:Various papers authored by Richard and Nora Dauenhauer and  Michael Oleksa
-"What is an Aleut?" (Oleksa, in Kodiak Fish Wrapper and Litter Box Liner Vol.V No.5, 1979)
-"The Orthodox Mission and Native ALaskan Languages: A Brief Overview" (Oleska, in Orthodox Alaska, Vol.III No.1, 1979)
-"Conflicting Visions in Alaska Education" (Dauenhauer, R, in ANLC Occasional Paper No.3, 1980) 3 versions
-"Education in Russian America" (Oleksa, in Education in ALaska's Past, 1982)
-"Crossroads/Cross Purposes" (Oleksa, no date)
-"The Suppression of the Aleuts: The Conflict in Alaska Education 1876-1916" (Amorok and Oleksa, 1983)
-"Orthodoxy and the Evolution of Aleut Culture" (Oleksa, in The Legacy of St. Vladimir, 1988)
-"Education in Russian America- Chapter 12" (Dauenhauer R.), "The Creoles and Their Contributions to the Development of Alaska- Chapter 15" (Oleksa).(In Russian America: The Forgotten Frontier, 1990)
-"Technical, emotional, and ideological issues in reversing language shift: examples from Southeast Alaska" (Dauenhauer and Dauenhauer, in Endangered Languages: Language Loss and Community Response, 1998)
Comments For more related information see G977D1979
Contributors Dauenhauer, Richard (author)
Dauenhauer, Nora (author)
Oleksa, Fr. Michael (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Tlingit
LingType educational
Collection General

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