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Title [Bilingual/Bicultural Education Materials, 1970's]
Description:Papers dealing with Bilingual/Bicultural in Alaska:
-"Directions 70's: An Assessment of Educational Needs in Alaska" (Bowkett, 1970)
-"Language Survey of Entering Primary Students" (Alaska Dept. of Edu., 1970)
-"Bilingual Education and Cultural Identity" (Orvik, 1974)
-"Overview of Bilingual Education" (Alaska State Operated School System, 1974)
-Proposed Administrative Regulations for Plan of Service and Guidelines for Alaska Bilingual-Bicultural Education Act of 1975 (Alaska Dept. of Edu., 1975)
-Bilingual-Bicultural Education Regulations (Alaska Dept. of Edu., 1977)
-Final Report of the Interim Committee on Educational Programs, Alaska 10th Legislature, Second Session (Interim Committee on Educational Programs, 1978)
-"Suggestions for a More Relevant Social Studies Offering" (Leif Fearn, 1970)
-"Bilingual Schooling in the United States"- an announcement of a 2 volume monograph to serve as a guideline for bilingual ed. (Theodore Andersson and Mildred Boyer, 1970)
-Competencies for University Programs in Bilingual Education (George M. Blanco n.d.)
-Bilingual Materials and Methods (UAF- Irene Reed, 1970)
-Ms. Bilingual Education Story materials by Irene Reed (1970's)
Contributors Department of Education (author)
Pulu, Tupou L. (author)
Pope, Mary L. (author)
Type Text
LingType educational
Collection Bilingual Education

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