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Title Zapiski ob ostrovakh Unalashkinskago otdela.
Description:Zapiski ob ostrovakh Unalashkinskago otdela.
Includes survey of Alaskan languages, in 1st ed. pp. 138-145, 2nd ed. pp. 648-652. Veniaminov published nearly the same survey in his Zamechaniya a Koloshenskon i Kad'yakskom Yazykakh, St. Petersburg, 1846, pp. 1-8; and in Langues de l' Amerique Russe, Nouvelles annales des voyages 125(1): 359-364 (Mars 1850). Also summarized in German by F. Lowe in Ermans Archiv 2:459-495 (1842) and by W. Schott, Er mans Archiv 7:126-143 (l849)
Citation Vol. III. Zapiski ob atkhinskikh aleutakh i koloshakh. St. Petersburg. 2nd edition in Ivan Barsukov, ed., Tvoreniya Innokentiya. Moscow, 1888, Vol. III.
Contributors Veniaminov, Ivan (author)
Type Text
LingType comparative
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