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Title RA Company Maps
Description:RA Company Maps (Russian American). Multiple maps, ts. articles included. ms. notes by Michael Krauss:
"All derived ultimately from Shelikhov, 1796 which had Konyagi, Kenaytsy, Chugachi, Ugalkhmyuty, Kolyuzki. Berkh (1821) has Kolchane (and CY) Kenaytsy, Chugachi, Anta/Mednye, Uglakhmynty and Canadian -- missing Konyagym Kolyuzki.
1844 has only Kenaytsy, Chugach, Ugalakhmyuty.
1860 likewise "  " has much more geographical detail and goes fully up to Arctic Ocean and North Slope ethnonyma, Silalinagmyut, Kakligmyut, and Eskimoes- into Canada, but of classic South Coast area. Named are only: Aleut-Koniag-Kenaytsy, Chugachi,Ugalakhmyuty, Kolyuzki"
Contributors Berkh, M.B. (author)
Krauss, Michael E. (compiler)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Alutiiq (Sugpiaq)
LingType ethnogeography
Collection General

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