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Title Tukudh Language and Liturgy
2002: Tukudh (Gwich'in) Language and Liturgy: Yukon Native Language Centre- Yukon College. October 1-3, 2002. ca.32pp.
2003: Tukudh (Gwich'in) Language and Liturgy: University of Alaska Fairbanks. August 4-15, 2003. ca.47pp.
2003: August. Tukudh Communion Service Study Guide. Yukon Native Language Centre
Also included: Card from John Ritter to ANLC concerning the Tukudh institute. 2003
VHS recording of Holy Communion Service in Tukudh, St. Matthews Episcopal Church, Fairbanks Alaska. August 14, 2003.
YNLC V-188 C.1
2002- Sponsored by the Anglican-Episcopal Institute of Northern Ministries
2003- Yukon Native Language Centre, the Episcopal Diocese of Alaska, Gwich'in Language Centre
Contributors Gwich'in Language Centre (author)
Yukon Native Language Centre (author)
Type Text
Format text/plain
Subject Language(s) Gwich'in
LingType religious

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