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Title Slovar' Unalashkinskago, Kad'yakskago, Kinayskago, Kolyuzhskago 1805 Ugalyakhmutskago i Chugatskago Yazykov
Description:Ms. in three copybooks. 1,200 Russian glosses with Eastern
Aleut Kodiak Sugpiaq, Kenai Tanaina, Tlingit, Eyak, and Chu-
gach Sugpiaq forms in parallel columns, almost fully filled
in for all languages. Rezanov collected these data, apparently
quite systematically, in 1805 when he was in Alaska as a rep-
resentative of the Russian government. 3 p. letter of submittal,
appended to our copy, described the geographical distribution
of the languages, with some remarks on their relationships.
Typescript translation of the latter in our collection.
118. 61 pp.
Comments Large archive box 16 X 20 X 2.5.
Citation Fond Adelunga, Aca-
demy of Sciences, Leningrad
Contributors Rezanov, Nikolai Petrovich (author)
Subject Language(s) Alutiiq (Sugpiaq)
LingType lexicon

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