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Title Place Name Proposals
Place Name Proposals:
f.1: Kidaz'q'eni Glacier (1982) ca.15
f.2: Nen' Yese' Ridge (2010) ca.17
f.3: Ch'akajabena Lake and Mountain (2004) ca.18
f.4: Lich'antnu Mountain (1998) ca.4
f.5: K'esugi Ridge (2002) ca.23
f.6: Taq' Nust'in (2007) ca.15
f.7: Mt. Nikpartoc (2001) ca.3
f.8: Troth Yeddha' name for UAF Staff Newsletter (1984) ca.1
f.9: Kalifornsky Beach, Hechnuydlentnu Creek, Tseehalthkin Ridge (1978) ca.3
f.10: Negrohead Creek changed to Lochenyatth Creek (2012) ca.22
f.11: Negrohead Mountain changed to Tl'oo Hanshyah Mountain (2012) ca.1pp
f.12 College Hill, Fairbanks officially named Troth Yeddha' in 2013
Materials donated, collected and compiled by James Kari.
Contributors Kari, James (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Dena'ina
Tanana (Lower)
LingType placenames
Collection Place Names

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