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Title [Miscellaneous: Place Names, Articles, Correspondence]
Description:Miscellaneous: Place Names, Articles, Correspondence:
"Company Cashes in on Place Names" Peninsula Clarion, 1981; "Fighters for Denali/ Neetl'ek'o Ten Mena' means 'cranberry trail lakes"; Letter to Bob Gerhard from James Kari regarding Dena'ina place names; Correspondence related to Orth place names and the Denali name change; Correspondence related to the Ahtna Noun Dictionary (1978); Letter from David Nash requesting Trials and Triumphs; Dene National Leadership Meeting notes (1985); Name Proposal for Mount Chickantna; "Few Buildings get Native Names" in Tundra Times, 1985; "Linguist Fears Native Names Disappearing" Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, 1984; "It's Natural Naming Nature's Features" Fairbanks Daily News-Miner; Correspondence with Ted Maitland about place names in the Kenai Peninsula Moose Range (Now Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Refuge), 1981; Correspondence with Lynn A. Yehle about Dena'ina place names (1981); Letter from Kari to David E. Moore of Kenai Fjords National Park concerning Dena'ina place names- especially word "Truuli" (1981);  Letter to Dale Stirling from Kari concerning names for the Nenana River (1982); Letter concerning proper names on Tok signage (1983); Letter from Richard Stern requesting WAMCATS building records (1982); Letter to Ron Crenshaw of DNR concerning place names in the Nancy Lake area (1982); Correspondence with Helen Akrigg concerning Babine Indian place names and other B.C. place names (1982); Letter from Dale Stirling concerning Northway/Tok region place names (1983); Letter from John Kelley concerning pronunciation of Dena'ina place names (1984); Letter to Ronald Humphrey at Tongass National Forest concerning Tongass area place names (1988); Letter to David Chamberlain of Province of B.C. Archives regarding Haida place names (1988); Letter to John Cook of NPS concerning the 14-H Project (1981); Letter to Walter Charlie mentioning newspaper articles, including a letter to Geneva Pacific Corporation c/o Ahtna Inc. (1981); Letter from Janet Klein requesting information regarding names and history of the Kachemak Bay area (1981); Letter from Julia K. Steele concerning information about Tanaina settlement or resource utilization in the area; Letter from Nick Hartzell concerning Kari's work with Shem Pete; Letter to Gary Holthaus at Alaska Humanities Forum to advance a policy on Alaska Native place names (1978); "State Board of Names Plays a Waiting Game" Fairbanks Daily News-Miner; Letter to Dr. Orth concerning place names issues (1978); Alaska Division of Lands "Naming of Places and Geographical Features" list of instructions (1965); Letter to Myron Naneng concerning Lime Village area place names and research (1976); Cook Inlet Historic Sites Project announcement; "Obscure Board Right in the Thick of Name Game" Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, 1979; Letter to Kari regarding names proposed in the Willow area (1978); Letter from Michael Carberry regarding Tanaina place names in the Anchorage area (1977)
Comments Materials donated, collected and compiled by James Kari
Contributors Kari, James (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Dena'ina
LingType correspondence
place names
Collection Place Names
Files: G977K1965.pdf

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