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Title Morphological Ergativity in Coast Tsimshian (Sm'algyax)
Description:Morphological Ergativity in Coast Tsimshian (Sm'algyax)
While Coast Tsimshian (Sm'algyax) is syntactically as well as mophologically ergative, in this paper I only
consider whether the morphological markings which indicate
the function of an NP in a sentence are ergative by examining the connective system which is roughly analogous to case marking, the pronominal system and person and number
agreement on the verb. In addition it is shown that there
are two factors which condition the distribution of these
markings: the person or semantic nature of the A and 0 relative to each other, and the tense/aspect of the clause."
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Citation Native American Languages and Grammatical Typology: Papers from a Conference at the University of Chicago, April 22, 1987. ed. Paul Kroeber and Robert Moore
Contributors Mulder, Jean (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Tsimshian
LingType grammatical
Files: TS978M1987.pdf

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