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Title Tsimshianic Animal Names with Notes on Their Referents, Distributions and Origins
Description:Tsimshianic Animal Names with Notes on Their Referents, Distributions and Origins
"A survey of linguistic and ethnographic materials on the Tsimshianic peoples yielded animal names referring to over 200 zoological taxa (Including mythical or legendary creatures and entities). The distribution of these forms within the Tsimshianic languages further demonstrates the distribution between Maritime Tmimshianic (Coast and Southern Tsimshian) and Interior Tsimsianic (Nisgha and Gitksan). From comparisons with similar data from neighbouring languages, it is evident that many Wakashan forms-primarily from Haisia and Henaaksiala-have been borrowed into Coast Tsimshian and, perhaps, Southern, Tsimshian. Several other borrowings In the Tsimshianic zoological lexicon come from Tlingit, Athabaskan or other sources."
Citation Appeared in Papers from the 29th International Conference on Salish and Neighboring Languages, August 1984, Salish Kootenai College, Pablo, Montana. Pp. 79-116.
Contributors Tarpent, Marie-Lucie (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Tsimshian
LingType ethnographic
Files: TS-AnimalNames.PDF

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