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Title Reattaching Tsimshian to Penutian
Description:Reattaching Tsimshian to Penutian
"More than 75 years after Sapir first suggested it, the affiliation of Tsimshianic to the "Penutian phylum" can finally be substantiated, thanks to progress in the description of the Tsimshianic languages in the last two decades, including work towards reconstructing the proto-language. The systematic study of phonological and morphological patterns shows that Tsimshianic shares a common structural and lexical core with a number of the Penutian languages, especially those of the Pacific Northwest. It is likely that further research in this area will help establish both the internal and external boundaries of the "phylum", which are still in debate."
Citation Appears in Report 9, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, Proceedings of the Hokan-Penutian Workshop. July 8-9, 1994, University of Oregon, Eugene and July 5-6, 1995, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Eds. Victor Golla (Volume), Leanne Hinton, (Series)
Contributors Tarpent, Marie-Lucie (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Tsimshian
LingType lexicon
Files: Reattaching-TS-Penutian.PDF

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