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Title Histories, Territories, and Laws of the Kitwancool
Description:Histories, Territories, and Laws of the Kitwancool
"The authors of this book are the Kitwancool themselves, for it contains their own statement of what they consider to be their histories, territories. and laws. It was their idea in the beginning that such a publication should be produced. The subjects dealt with are those which they consider important enough to include. The manner of expression. as closely as possible, follows their own. As editor, I have attempted to transfer their statements to the printed page with as little alteration as possible. I have also thought it desirable to add this Preface and a brief Introduction in order to make the material as meaningful as possible for the general reader."
Citation Anthropology in B.C. Memoir No.4 1959
Contributors Duff, Wilson (author)
Type Text
Coverage B.C., Canada
Subject Language(s) Tsimshian
LingType ethnohistory

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