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Title [Tarkhanov's journal]
Description:Ms. Seven generic geographic names taken from the Journal of the Wanderings and Travels of the Non-commissioned Officer of the Mining Corps Dmitrei Tarkhanov, who was Among the Fur Hunters of the Russian American Mainland Company of Messrs. Shelekov and Golikov and their Comrades, from October 31, 1794, to June 17, 1798.
f.1 Ms. Copies of Tarkanovs' Journal from 1794-1798. Original held in GPB Moscow. Three copies in different formats.
f.2  Russian language versions of Tarkhanov's journal.
f.3a The Forgotten Expedition of Dmitriy Tarkhanov to the Copper River, A.V. Grinyov 1987. From: Sovietslaya Ethnografiya 1987(5).88-100, Russian language publication and published translation by Richard Bland, 1977 In: Alaska History v.12 no.1 p.1-17.
f.3b Ms. and ts. The Forgotten Expedition of Dmitriy Tarkhanov to the Copper River. By Grinyov In Russian with English translations by Michael Krauss,1988.
f.3c Eyak Indians and the fate of a Russian settlement in Yakutat. Grinev, 1988.  In Russian. Sovietsk Ethnographia with published and ts. of English translation.
f.4 Tarkhanov's  copies of original ms. journals, with Eyak place names highlighted by Krauss. Eyak and Ahtna place names, lists compiled by M. Krauss, 1988, 1990. Correspondence: M. Krauss to de Laguna 1982, Kraus to Lydia Black. Notes from 1990, St. Petersberg. One page Tarkhanov's  Eyak  ethnography, with translations and notes by M. Krauss. 17 p. Eyak place names notes by M. Krauss; Correspondence with Hallaama; Krauss correspondence with R. Dauenhauer on Lydia Black translation.
f.5a,b Hallamaa draft translations of the Tarkhanov's journals, with notes on Ahtna place names by James Kari.1999-2001.
See also EY961K2006.
Contributors Grinev, A. V. (Andrei Val’terovich) (annotator)
Krauss, Michael E. (annotator)
Tarkhanov, Dmitrii (author)
Hallamaa, Panu (translator)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Eyak
LingType ethnographic
place names
Files: 1796-Tarkhanov-Grinev-MarkedChap6.pdf

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