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Title [Language Attitudes, Perceptions and Identity: Some Haida and Cree Data]
Description:Language Attitudes, Perceptions and Identity: Some Haida and Cree Data
Data were collected on self-reported language use, attitudes, vitality perceptions, contact and identifications from 155 adults and teenagers in two Aboriginal communities: the Haida in Haida Gwaii (British Columbia) and the Cree in Fisher River (Manitoba). The findings suggest that despite the poor current 'health' status of Aboriginal languages in these communities, and that formal ingroup language acquisition in these contexts may have some subtractive elements, there are grounds
for a more optimistic outlook. In particular, results showed high levels of ethnolinguistic identification, high value of ingroup language to identity, and high perceived illegitimacy of the current status of the ingroup language. According to current social psychological theory, this is likely to provide the necessary platform for language revitalisation in these communities."
Citation The London Journal of Canadian Studies, 2000/2001 vol.16
Contributors Sachdev, Itesh (author)
Hanlon, David (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Haida
LingType description
Files: HA000SH2000-01.pdf

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