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Title Northern Haida Songs
Description:1) Book. Part 1 is an ethnographic description of musical genres that situates Haida music in the context of the Northwest Coast. Part 2 presents a collection of 128 songs, fully transcribed and analyzed, representing some twenty types, ranging from traditional genres such as peace making and mourning songs to songs of personal expression composed during the modern period. Part 3 is a detailed musical and linguistic analysis of the songs presented in the second part. The integration of these two facets of song -music and language- is the particular goal of this study.
516 pp.
See Rasmuson Library ML 3563. E 57
2) Review: Northern Haida Songs; Book announcement
3) Ts. Draft.  Part 1; Ethnographic Background. Undated. Missing cover page and table of contents.  131 pp. Annotated.
4) Ts. Draft. Part 2.
5) Ts. Draft Part 3.
Comments Book was published in 1996, review was written in 1998, draft is undated. Annotation appear to be Jeff Leer.
Citation 1) Studies in the Anthropology of the North American Indians. De Maille, Raymond and Douglas R. Parks eds.The University of Nebraska Press; Lincoln and London. 516 pp.
2) IJAL vol.64 no.4 1998.
Contributors Enrico, John (author)
Stuart, Wendy Bross (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Haida
LingType song
Files: HA975EnS1996-01.pdf

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