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Title The Fire as Conduit to the Other World: A Note on Haida Deixis and Haida Belief
Description:"The Haida aystem of spatial deixis is realized through
a set of thriteen directional suffixes occurring directly
after the verb stem, a set of relational nouns2 basically
denoting locations and occurring in combination with postpositions and nominal specifiers to denote directions and relative locations 'e.g., *iid 'down' (locational), *iid-ga 'down' (motional), NP *id-gu 'under NP' (locational), NP *id-gwii 'under NP" (motional», a set of demonstrative determiners, and two other verb suffixes denoting the type of extension of the activity denoted by the verb (-daal 'extended in one dimension (a line)', -gwaang 'extended in two dimensions (a plane)'). I am concerned here only with two of the directional suffixes and their associated relational nouns:
'toward the edge of a clear space' (toward
the land when at sea, inland or into the
forest from the beach, toward the edge of
a room, toward the edge of a clearing or
muskeg, ••• )
'toward the center of a clear space' (out
to sea from land, toward the beach when inland,
toward the center of a room, toward
the center of a clearing or muskeg, ••• )
'in a clear space'
'at the edge of a clear space'
ca.8 pp.
Contributors Enrico, John (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Haida
LingType grammatical
Files: HAM975En1983c-01.pdf

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