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Title Empty Infinitival Subjects in Haida
Description:"Empty subjects of Haida infinitives are of a special interest for two reasons. First, subjects are governed by verbs in this language. At least one investigator has claimed that this configuration cannot be accommodated in the GB framework (Mohanan 1982) but, while this is true of Chomsky (1981), it is not true of Chomsky (1982). Second, movement to the position of the empty subject of an infinitive shows that chains do not exist in this language, contrary to the speculations of Chomsky (1981) on so-called non-configuration languages. Finally, these findings mean that it is necessary to reconsider the distribution of pronominal empty categories. A broader picture emerges than we have seen so far, one in which GB theory may serve to describe the details, but probably cannot explain them."
ca.31 pp.
Contributors Enrico, John (author)
Type Text
Coverage Masset, B.C.
Subject Language(s) Haida
LingType grammatical
Files: HAM975En1983a-01.pdf

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