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Title [Swadesh diagnostic lists]
Description:Ms. responses on typescript questionnaire forms; lists based
on list developed by Morris Swadesh to collect data for lexicostatistic analysis (see Swadesh, "Towards greater accuracy in lexicostatistic dating," IJAL 21(2) :121-137, 1955). Contributors include Shirley Jimerson and Marilyn Paul (Upper Tanana); Katherine Peter, Irene Roberts, Lincoln Tritt, and Caroline Tritt (Kutchin); Betty Petruska (Upper Kuskokwim); Marie Hunter, Esther Morgan and Eliza Jones (Central Koyukon); Josephine Mountain (Lower Koyukon); Nora Dauenhauer (Tlingit); C. N. Natkong Sr. (Haida); Mary Guthrie and Arnold Booth (Metlakatla Tsimshian); Pat Paulsberg (Barrow Inupiaq); Hannah [Loon] Schnare (Kobuk Inupiaq); Johnson Enlngowuk ana ootinnok (Shishmaref Inupiaq); E. I. Brown (Malemute Inupiaq); Vera Kaneshiro (Siberian Yupik); Joe Coolidge and Joe Alede (Central Yupik); Agafangel Stepetin (Eastern Aleut). 47 pp.
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Files: swadesh_lists.pdf

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