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Title [Dena'ina Qenaga Curriculum: Exercises to Practice Dena'ina]
Description:Ts. Dena'ina Language educational materials.
1 "Things to Do" Exercises to Practice Dena'ina; childrens grammatical exercises with illustrations.
2 Language practice lessons, topics include:  family, animals, fish, plants, body parts, food, clothing, shelter.
3 Stories : Soaked dry fish by Nellie Chickalusion, Roots by N. Chickalusion, I built a house by Sergie Californsky, Hardwood Sled, How They Make Snowshoes by Maxim Chicakalusion, Banjo snowshoes, Rainy Pass, Beluga Hunting, Beaver Hunting, My Father Used to Hunt, Traveling in the Old Days, MacArthur River, Making Nets, Iliamna Portage by Zenia Kolyaha, Hunting Sea Otters by Vera Roehl, The point Clan, Killer Whale and Wolf, Rabbit Story, The One Who Left Tyonek, The Girl They Threw Away, Killer Whale Story, The Rich Mans Good -for-Nothing Son, Chinook Wind Story.
Contributors Peter, Donita L. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Dena'ina
LingType educational
Files: Exercises.PDF
Exercises (2).PDF

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