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Title [Correspondence: Vakhtin and Jacobson.]
Description:Ts. and ms. correspondence between Nicolai Vahktin and Steven Jacobson., 1978-1989. Includes data and discussions concerning published papers.
One page comparison between ALU, CSY, CAY and NAU showing "my results" and Vakhtins results ( in Steven Jacobson's handwriting).
Also includes a  copy of  the paper Tungus-Machu-Nivkh Lexical parallels and the History of Nivkh Vocalism, II. 1989. In Russian.
Comments Nivkh is not an Eskimo language but this file was compiled by S. Jacobson so the materials remain foldered together. Other non-annotated papers by Vakhtin were removed form this folder and filed seperately.
Contributors Jacobson, Steven A. (author)
Vakhtin, Nikolai Borisovich (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Comparative Eskimo-Aleut
LingType comparative

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